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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dozens of houses, establishments demolished in Kidapawan City

Some of the demolished houses in Kidapawan City. (Mindanao Examiner - Rhoderick Beñez)

KIDAPAWAN CITY – Dozens of houses and establishments were demolished Tuesday on orders from the local and provincial governments to pave way for big-ticket infrastructure projects that includes road widening and hospital expansion.
Lawyer John Haye Delubio, legal counsel for the provincial government, told dxND-Radyo BIDA that they informed the settlers as early as January and even a series of meeting and consultations with the affected owners about the clearing operation.
Some house owners resisted the order while others voluntarily demolished their houses, according to Delubio, who said that at least 77 houses, stores and establishments were demolished in Amas village.
He said those whose structures were demolished would be relocated at Serbisyong Totoo Village in Manubuan in Matalam town in North Cotabato. Margarita Sindol, who lives in the place since 1976, rejected the offer, saying, it would affect their livelihood.
Even the reservoir of Metro Kidapawan Water District was affected by the demolition order. It was not immediately known whether the government would pay for the demolished structures or subsidize the expenses it would incur to rebuild their houses and establishments. (Rhoderick Beñez)
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