Saturday, October 31, 2020

Troops recover Sayyaf bomb in Sulu

ZAMBOANGA CITY – Security forces recovered an improvised explosive planted by the pro-ISIS group Abu Sayyaf in the southern province of Sulu, officials said Saturday.

Officials said the explosive, assembled from a mortar rocket rigged to a timer and a blasting cap and mixed with five liters of ANFO or ammonium nitrate / fuel oil, was discovered late Friday afternoon by a civilian in Timbangan village in Indanan town.

“Through the cooperation of the civilian populace of the municipality of Indanan, a bombing was foiled as an improvised explosive device was retrieved. The IED is believed to be made by the notorious ASG terrorist Mundi Sawadjaan who was behind the 2019 Jolo Cathedral Bombing,” said Col. Antonio Bautista, commander of the 11th Infantry Brigade.

Maj. Gen. William Gonzales, commander of the anti-terror Joint Task Force Sulu, said operations against the Abu Sayyaf are continuing, saying the terrorists have suffered losses in the series of military campaigns.

“The Abu Sayyaf group is obviously frustrated by the series of their losses that they resort to the most hideous form of violent extremism - bombing. They want to instil fear, but the bravery and courage of our troops is unsurpassable,” he said.

On Thursday, soldiers and government militias also clashed with the Abu Sayyaf in the province. “We are continuously tracking the ASG, with the consolidated efforts of all units and the full support from the civilian populace who provide timely and accurate information of ASG's whereabouts and activities,” Bautista said. (Mindanao Examiner)

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