Friday, November 20, 2020

Duterte vows to destroy Leni’s presidential ambition

PRESIDENT RODRIGO Duterte had gone ballistic and vowed to demolish the political campaign of Vice President Leni Robredo if she runs for the presidency in 2022.

Duterte accused Robredo as behind public calls asking the president’s whereabouts during typhoons. The #NasaanAngPangulo trended in Twitter, but Robredo said she had nothing to do with it.

Robredo, in her tweet, said: “I just called out Sec (Salvador) Panelo for peddling fake news. I am also calling out whoever peddled the fake news to the President, kaya ganito siya ka pikon. I never said “Where is the President”? You can review all my tweets.”

“Sa panahon ng matinding sakuna, dapat lahat na tulong, welcome. Hindi ito contest. Hindi tayo nag uunahan. Lahat tayo dapat nagtutulong tulong para sa ating mga kababayan,” she said.

But Duterte cautioned Robredo and said he would insult her again should she makes a mistake in questioning him.

“I would like to just give a caution to the Vice President. She made a blunder, a big one, and she practically lied making her incapable of truth. Alam mo ‘yung pakana niya na wala ako sa bagyo — I was here, dito. I was attending a summit — ASEAN Summit ‘yon. So virtual lang palit-palit kami, we were talking sa electronic. Nandito ako noon,” he said.

“So next time, do not commit the mistake or I’ll be forced to insult you because you are playing too much — nagpapapa-ano ka, pagpa-beauty ka ng ano. It’s not the time for you. During the campaign… Paalis na ako. Sige, subukan mo. Matagal na talaga akong maraming sabihin sa iyo pero ireserba ko na lang. When you start your campaign kung magtakbo ka ng presidente, waswasan kita nang husto. Well, this is your bad — this is your nightmare. Sabi ko pagka-incompetent mo and you were lying. You knew that I was working,” the president added,

Duterte said he was working and even called Robredo a liar.

“So huwag ka masyadong porma-porma, hindi mo talaga panahon. Hindi mo pa panahon. Not time to be making a grandstanding coming up with… Hindi ninyo alam na nagtatrabaho ako. Na-timingan lang it was a summit and I cannot excuse you for not knowing it. You knew that there was a summit going on and you had the gall to say, “Nasaan ang Presidente?” he said.

He also insulted Robredo many times over and questioned where she goes at night and called the vice president a weak leader. “So I hate to say this, but kung ganun ka, huwag kang magtakbo ng presi — talagang mahina ka. You do not know and then you lied. You were not honest. Isa pa ‘yan,” he said.

Duterte told the vice president not to compete with him or start a quarrel, and did not spare Robredo’s daughter.

“But do not compete with me and do not start a quarrel with me kasi ikaw wala ka talagang nagawa except ‘yang mga tawag-tawag. Tatawag ka kunwari o nasaaan na ‘yung mga helicopter nalipad na ba? Of course they would say yes. Your — your — your question would suggest the answer,” he said. “So next time, count your marbles first before you let them. Iyong marbles mo sa kamay mo, ’wag mo masyadong ilaro kaagad na hindi ka sigurado. You — ikaw, your daughter sumali ka na sa politika.”

Robredo called Duterte a misogynist for despising her and even posted a video on her Twitter account showing the extent of their labor in repacking food packs for typhoon victims. “When a President is a mysoginist, the conversation goes down to this level. Eto po yung ginagawa namin gabi-gabi, nagpupuyat ilang linggo na para, araw-araw, may madala lang na tulong sa mga nangangailangan,” she said.

Duterte’s attacks on Robredo came as media reports claimed that presidential daughter and Davao Mayor Sara Duterte may run for the presidency. (Mindanao Examiner)

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