Saturday, November 21, 2020

Former Jolo police chief slain

COTABATO CITY – The former police chief of Jolo town in Sulu province was reportedly killed Saturday afternoon in the southern Philippine province of Maguindanao.

Reports said the 41-year old Lt. Col. Walter Annayo was fatally shot in the village of Macabiso in Sultan Mastura town, but details of the incident were unclear. And there were no official reports or immediate statement from both the military and police. 

The 6th Infantry Division said it has no official report of the killing. "We have no official report about it," Lt. Col. Anhouvic Atilano, a spokesman for the 6th Infantry Division, told the Mindanao Examiner by phone from his office.

The shooting occurred in front of a roadside store along the Narciso Ramos Highway. Annayo was driving his car and stopped near the store to buy coconut juice, but he was shot several times by a gunman who were tailing him from another car.

Government officials in Sulu mourned the death of Annayo, who served well during his stint in Jolo town.

"The death of a brave and enforcer extraordinaire, Lt. Col. Walter Annayo in a dastardly manner in broad daylight, is shocking and demands a thorough and incisive investigations. I join the Provincial Government and the people of Sulu in mourning his death and condole deeply with the loved ones he left behind."

"The loss is profoundly felt as the late police officer was active and fearless and oblivious to the criticisms of detractors and cynics in the performance of his duties. We are certain that the entire PNP Command grieves for a fallen comrade-in-uniform, who offered the ultimate sacrifice in defense and enforcement for the reign of the rule of law to prevail. Allow us to offer our last salute to Lt. Col. Walter Annayo," said Sulu Gov. Sakur Tan.
The municipal governments of Jolo and Maimbung also issued separate statements expressing sympathy and condolence to Annayo's family.

"On behalf of the people and the Maimbung Municipal Government, and on behalf of my family, allow me to condole with the bereaved family of Col. Walter Annayo and the entire Philippine National Police on their loss. The late Col. Annayo, who had served Maimbung, was a strict enforcer and a disciplined officer. We deeply appreciate his services and sacrifices. We expect the circumstances of his death will be thoroughly investigated in the name of justice. Rest in Peace Sir," said Mayor Shiela Hayudini.

Mayor Kherkar Tan of Jolo said: "We condole with the bereaved family for the loss of Lt. Col. Walter Annayo. Thank you Sir for the service that you have rendered to us."

Annayo was relieved from his post in July following the killing of four army intelligence soldiers outside the Jolo police station by 9 policemen.

According to the army, the soldiers, all clad in civilian clothes, were driving a car on a covert mission to capture 2 suicide bombers, when policemen intercepted them in Jolo town and ordered the agents to come with them to the police headquarters so they can verify their identities.

But the police said cops opened fire on the soldiers after they sped off and allegedly tried to shoot the lawmen, an allegation strongly denied by the military. All 9 policemen were also relieved from their post and are facing criminal charges. (Mindanao Examiner)

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