Saturday, November 7, 2020

Marines dedicate ‘70th birthday’ to forefathers, fallen soldiers

ZAMBOANGA CITY – The Philippine Marine Corps has dedicated its 70th “birthday” celebration on Saturday to soldiers who perished in fighting and to their families as it recommitted to its sworn duty to serve God, the country and the Filipinos.

“We dedicate this 70th Marine Birthday to our forefathers who built our formidable force, to the Marines who sacrificed their lives with gallantry and dedication, and to our families who inspire us to become better Marines,” said Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Casem, the Commandant of the Philippine Marine Corps.

Casem said this year’s celebration is “different” because of the coronavirus pandemic, but despite the health crisis the Philippine Marine Corps quickly adapted to the situation.

“Our birthday celebration this year is different as we found ourselves in an unfamiliar operating environment. We have adapted and retooled our plans and actions in many ways to maintain our strong resolve and keep our warrior spirit intact.”

“Let us celebrate this occasion as the day when we recommit our sworn duty to serve God, our country, and people. Let us continue being at the forefront of change, ready to build peace, assist in times of pandemic and disasters, and confident to meet future challenges. Mabuhay ang Philippine Marine Corps,” he said.

In Zamboanga City, members of the Marine Battalion Landing Team 11 (Team Matatag) headed by Lt. Col. Joel Atienza, also greeted the Philippine Marine Corps.

He said the Philippine Marine Corps has undeniably shown its magnificence since its day of inception in 1950.

“Many battles have been fought by the Corps showing great gallantry and valor as an irrevocable attribute of anyone under the Marine Oath. As it now takes pride of its 70 years of service while continuously improving to achieve its vision of being the amphibious force-in-readiness and the nation’s force of choice for archipelagic defense bringing pride and lasting inspiration to the people, Team Matatag will always be in support with the Corps' pledge in attaining said vision,” Atienza said.

He said the Philippines Marine Corps is at the forefront of change, addressing peace and pandemic situations the past decades with unwavering dedication and exemplary service to the country.

This was also echoed by LTSG Manuel Gomez, the commander of the MBLT-11’s Alpha Company, saying: “The Filipino Marines do not intend to bask on the glories earned by the Marines of other countries… The Philippine Marine Corps has its own way of accomplishing its mission and providing optimum service to the nation. And as it hails its growth in the cosmos of the armed forces, one thing is foreseeable and that is, it will continue to achieve greater heights leading its force with Karangalan, Katungkulan and Kabayanihan.”

MBLT-11 is active in community services in Zamboanga and in areas where it operates in support to the local government’s peace and development efforts, and its strong commitment to fight coronavirus disease in support to the government’s Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases and as part of the Task Force COVID Shield Zamboanga under the Joint Task Force Zamboanga.

Last year, Zamboanga Mayor Beng Climaco praised the MBLT-11 for “dedicating your time, effort and resources for the people of Zamboanga. With the grace of God and the intercession of Nuestra Senora La Virgen del Pilar y San Jose, the security sector continues to safeguard Zamboanga and its people. Gracias for the love, support and security MBLT11.” (Zamboanga Post)


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