Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sulu’s Maimbung Mayor Hayudini leads sanitation efforts

SULU – In efforts to protect the town and its residents from the deadly coronavirus, of Coid-19, Maimbung Mayor Shihla Hayudini ordered a large-scale spraying of disinfectant and told locals to stay at home.

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Trucks carrying disinfectants also made their way as phalanxes of sanitation workers, clad in bright color coverall and wearing backpack tanks, sprayed disinfectant in a large area that covered the pier, markets, covered courts, roads, government buildings and health centers, parks, and in neighbourhood.

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Municipal government photos show Mayor Shihla Hayudini supervising the sanitation efforts in Maimbung. 

Hayudini supervised the sanitation. She also launched regular awareness campaign in all 27 villages on the deadly virus and meeting with elders and village leaders to ensure residents know what to do to avoid contracting the Covid-19, now a global pandemic that has killed more than 17,000 in over 100 countries.

The virus originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan and quickly spread, sending scientists to find a cure for the respiratory disease that has crippled world economies.

Hayudini has repeatedly reminded locals to maintain cleanliness at all times, washing hands with soap and water and avoid spitting in public places, and maintain social distancing.


Sulu Governor Sakur Tan has imposed a lockdown in the province to ensure the health and safety of the people from the disease. The province remains free from Covid-19, but it has 46 “persons under investigation,” or PUIs; and 745 more who are being monitored, or PUMs.

A PUI is a person that shows symptoms of cough, colds and fever with a travel or contact history to countries or person that is affected with Covid 19, and being admitted in the hospital for observation. 

On other hand, a PUM is a person with travel and contact history to countries or person that is affected with Covid 19 but not displayed any symptoms and is advised to undergo a 14-day self-quarantine at home to be monitored by health workers.

The capital town of Jolo earlier sprayed disinfectant on streets and pavements. Mayor Kerkar Tan led village officials in the sanitation efforts.

The Philippines has more than 500 Covid-19 cases with over 30 deaths and the number of infections is steadily rising, according to latest DOH data. (Zamboanga Post)

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