Friday, November 20, 2020

Cebu has oversupply of pork

CEBU PROVINCE has an oversupply of pork now, but there is a growing demand for the meat because hog raisers in Luzon were affected by the African swine fever or ASF.

Latest figures from the Central Visayas Pork Producers Cooperative showed that there is now an oversupply of pork in Cebu, according to Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Mary Rose Vincoy. “This is mainly because some hotels have not opened yet while the Covid-19 pandemic continues,” she said. 

But as this may be the case locally, the demand for Cebu’s pork from other areas is on an uptick, said Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, adding 22 provinces from Luzon are now buying from local hog growers and pork producers. 

She said because of the increase in demand, local hog growers are now enjoying higher prices for their produce. “Kabalo ko ang uban middle men ug traders nireklamo ana kay kaniadto paliton nila per kilo P110 unya karon P145 o P150 or P160. Asa man ka molaban? Sa source, nga intawon maoy nagpatubo, maoy nagbuhi maoy naningkamot nga makabaligya sa iyang baboy,” she said. “Definitely unahon nato usa ang atong mga nagbuhi og baboy, at least karon maka enjoy sila og taas-taas nga presyo.”

Garcia said the provincial government will continue to implement the ban on the entry of live hogs, pork meat and other pork-related products from Luzon and other areas in Visayas and Mindanao affected by the ASF.

“There are no changes. We continue to abide by the executive orders that I have issued as regards the banning of the entry of pork and pork related products from the entire Luzon, Region 8 and from the entire Mindanao,” she said, adding the quarantine period for raw materials needed to produce hog feeds sourced from Mindanao and overseas will remain. 

This was also echoed by Vincoy, saying, the Provincial Task Force on ASF continues to enforce existing monitoring and checkpoints in Cebu’s ports and terminals underscoring that it has never stopped even amidst the pandemic. “Even before the pandemic continue siya and our efforts wala man na nag stop even ang monitoring,” she said.

Last March, Garcia met with local feed millers to discuss on the mandatory quarantine for corn coming from Mindanao and in neighboring Asian countries. Majority of the local feed millers source their raw materials, particularly corn from the island-region. As a result, Garcia enjoined feed millers to get their corn needs locally or produce their own raw materials as this will create jobs.

Corn from Mindanao will be quarantined for 20 days while those coming from abroad will have a 15-day quarantine period. (Vanessa L. Almeda)

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