Saturday, December 26, 2020

ZAMCELCO imposes back-billing

ZAMBOANGA CITY – The local electric cooperative has imposed back-billing to many residential accounts following a massive installation of new electric meters here.

Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative General Manager Gannymede Tiu

Back-bill is a catch-up bill sent when a power consumer is incorrectly charged for energy usage. It covers a longer period than the usual billing cycle and will likely be for a larger than usual amount.

This was confirmed to the Zamboanga Post newspaper by ZAMCELCO General Manager Gannymede Tiu who said that “in the past several months until December 19, we conducted massive installation of kilowatt-hour meters (kWh) to more than 10,000 consumers that has no installed meters for so many years back.”

Kilowatt-hour meter is the electric meter that measures the amount of electrical energy in kWh that was consumed in the house. The kWh meter has a counter display that counts units of kilowatt-hour. The energy consumption is calculated by the difference of the counter's reading in the specified period.

Tiu said many residential accounts here have no electric meters and ZAMCELCO only billed them through “averaging” or minimum amount compared to their actual electricity usage.

He said back billing of customers is to ensure all power consumers pay for the utilities they use. “That is the reason for the ZAMCELCO back-billing,” he said.

Illegal electricity connections are rampant in Zamboanga due to the failure of previous administration to implement the anti-pilferage law.  

Tiu has helped stir ZAMCELCO from its poor services during the past administration and introduced many reforms that largely benefited the consumers.

ZAMCELCO is now being managed by Crown Investment Holdings, Inc. and Desco Inc. The two firms took over ZAMCELCO in January 2019 after bailing out the heavily-indebted and poorly-managed electric cooperative for P2.5 billion. (Zamboanga Post)

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