Monday, April 12, 2021

10 Sayyaf terrorists yield in Sulu

SULU – The Philippine military said 10 Abu Sayyaf terrorists surrendered in the southern province of Sulu where the pro-ISIS group had brutally killed tens of dozens of people and kidnapped Filipinos and foreigners in the past decades.

Military photo shows the surrendered Abu Sayyaf terrorists and brothers Alih Salim, 20; and Musar Jumbli, 21.

Now security officials even promised the terrorists livelihood and financial aid in an effort to lure other members of the dreaded group, infamous for beheading soldiers and captives, to return to the fold of the law and start a new life. 

Army Maj. Gen. William Gonzales, commander of the 11th Infantry Division and Joint Task Force Sulu, said the terrorists surrendered over the weekend in the village called Samak in Talipao town. A ceremony was also held to welcome the Abu Sayyaf fighters, who surrendered an M16 rifle and an M1 rifle, including a .30 and .45-caliber pistols. 

The event was facilitated by Army Brig. Gen. Antonio Bautista, Jr., commander 1101st Infantry Brigade. He also identified the surrenderers as Mis-al Sabtula under terrorist leader Alden Bagadi; Marlon Aksan under Abu Sayyaf sub-leader Raden Abu; Hasbi Mustamir, under Abu Sayyaf sub-leader Apo Mike, who was slain in previous battle; Alih Salim, Alwa Aidar, Faisal Amisar, Gager Ganih, Jamil Ganih, Hajul Arip and Musar Sakib Jumbli all under the Abu Sayyaf sub-leader Mohammad Said, who was also killed by soldiers. 

All are from the town of Indanan while Ganih is a native of Patikul town. 

During interrogation, brothers Alih Salim, 20; and Musar Jumbli, 21; said they joined the Abu Sayyaf in 2016 after Mohammad Said recruited them. “Niyaya kami ng isa naming barkada na sumama sa group ni Amah Maas. Noon, mga 50 ang miyembro ng grupo tapos kami ng kapatid ko yung umaakyat sa bundok para magdala ng nga bigas at kung ano pa na pagkain. Minsan buhat ko isang buong sako, 'yung kapatid ko minsan may dala pa na kabayo,” Jumli said. 

Jumli told interrogators that they only finished 3rd grade after their father left their family and travelled to Sabah in Malaysia. 

According to Bautista: “With pressure from their peers and the promise of instant cash. The two brothers ventured to go in and out the hinterlands of Sulu. Their friend who recruited them died along with Mohammad Said during a clash with government forces also in 2016.” 

Gonzales even offered the surrenderers to join the military, but they declined and instead asked for support to start a bakery business. “I told them that there are also opportunities in the army which they politely declined as they would like to continue their passion in baking. Their dream is to have their own bakery,” he said. 

He also called on other terrorists to surrender peacefully and re-join their family. “I hope that other members would also come forward. We assure that these former Abu Sayyaf members will be assisted accordingly for they all pledged to actively help deny the Abu Sayyaf from taking refuge in their municipalities,” Gonzales said. (Mindanao Examiner)

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