Friday, April 16, 2021

Boat carrying fuel explodes in Zamboanga

ZAMBOANGA CITY – A wooden boat loaded with 200 barrels of gasoline exploded late Friday at a wharf in the southern Philippine port of Zamboanga.

A wooden boat loaded with fuel explodes at a wharf in the seaside village of Baliwasan in Zamboanga City. (Zamboanga Post)

At least 1 person was wounded in the blast, but other reports said as many as 12 people were in the area when the explosion occurred around 10.20 p.m. near a seaside depot in Baliwasan village.

One person said the boat was loaded with fuel and scheduled to sail for Sulu province when the blast occurred just as the engine was started. It was unclear whether the engine or the boat’s generator sparked a fire that led to the explosion.

Firemen rushed to the area to extinguish the blaze as a thick, huge black smoke could be seen billowing from the burning boat. At least 2 ambulances were also seen rushing to the wharf.

Village officials were not immediately available to give their statement. 

The powerful blast could be heard as far as the village of Tetuan, about 4 kilometers away from the wharf. “We thought it was a bomb blast. The explosion was so loud that we rushed out of the house to see what’s going,” said Jun Custodio in Tetuan.  

In February 2019, a boat carrying 110 barrels of fuels and 35 cylinders of cooking gas also exploded in the Baliwasan wharf and wounded 2 people. (Zamboanga Post)

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