Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Sulu employees receive blessings in time for Ramadhan

SULU - Provincial employees thanked Governor Sakur Tan for “all the blessings” they received at the start of the Holy month of Ramadhan.

Employees said they received three months of salary differential, half of their 13th month pay on top of regular salaries, and a sack of rice. Tan’s benevolent acts have been a long time tradition not only during Ramadhan, but also in time of the needs of his people.

Even at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March last year, every single Tausug received regular food aid, among others from medicines to health kits from Tan and his family, including his sons Vice Governor Toto Tan and Rep. Samier Tan; and daughters Rep. Shernee Tambut and Maimbung Mayor Shihla Hayudini; and wife Nurunisah Tan.

“Alhamdulillah,” is all what employees said of the blessings they received.   

Alhamdulillah is an Arabic phrase meaning “praise be to God”, sometimes translated as “thank God.” This phrase is called Tahmid or Hamdalah. A longer variant of the phrase is al-amdu l-illāhi rabbi l-ʿālamīn, meaning “all praise is due to God, Lord of all the worlds,” the first verse of Surah Fatihah.

Tan, a well-respected and influential political leader in the South, has been largely credited for turning Sulu from a once war-ravaged province to what it is now.

He is a staunch advocate of peace and development and has repeatedly called on his constituents to continue supporting the government’s programs in Sulu in an effort to end the cycle of violence in the province due to the presence of Abu Sayyaf militants.

Tan also renewed his strong commitment to President Rodrigo Duterte’s Executive Order 70 providing for a Whole-of-Nation approach in ending armed conflict and gives importance to an inclusive and sustainable framework towards attaining peace. (Mindanao Examiner)

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