Sunday, April 25, 2021

Zambo bus terminal installs new body scanner

THE ZAMBOANGA City Integrated Bus Terminal said it has installed a modern walk-through body scanner and is putting up a second scanner and another-ray machine as part of its security system.


Photos released by the Zamboanga City Integrated Bus Terminal show the new body scanner and seized deadly weapons.  

Rafael Derick Evangelista III, the Supervising Transportation Regulation Officer, said with the brand new Italian-made modern walk-through body scanner all arriving passengers will have to undergo body security and baggage check. 

Evangelista said the scanner, supplied by Defense and Protection Systems Philippines Inc., will further boost security at the bus terminal, adding that since last year, they have intercepted bladed weapons from passengers during baggage inspection using the x-ray machine.


The body scanner is also the same being used by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, the U.S. and Canadian Embassies in Manila, the Asian Development Bank and Philippine Airlines, among others.


The scanning system uses millimeter wave imaging to locate objects on a person that are concealed under clothing. It works by bouncing millimeter waves off an individual's skin to produce an outline image of the person’s body, showing any concealed, potentially dangerous objects. 

“The installation of both equipment (body scanner and x-ray machine) in the arrival building was based on the recommendation made by the security forces to Mayor Beng Climaco as there is a need to check on arriving passengers and their baggage at the terminal,” Evangelista said. 

“Later this year, another baggage x-ray machine and walk-through body scanner would also be installed at the departure building as the purchase of these equipment is already funded in the City’s annual budget,” he added. (Zamboanga Post)

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